Thursday, July 23, 2009

So I heard that......

Fine line between being naive and being an idiot? What do you do when you are walking that fine line... not knowing on which side to stumble upon or better yet, which side is which. I think we've all faced the dilemma of not knowing what is correct, true, or who we should believe. When you hear something, especially from a REALLY close person, and it is about someone just as dear to you... who/what do you believe? How do you gently set your bruised emotions aside and think with your brain, not your heart. It's like playing with a double edged sword.. throwing it up and waiting to see which side will fall. My problem with " I heard this...." is exactly that. I HEARD. You didn't see.. you weren't there.. but you heard about it. And sometimes that is like playing telephone. Remember when you were a child and you played telephone? And by the time it gets to the end of the line, it is something completely different. So I have a hard time accepting a statement that starts with " I heard..." at face value. But on the flip side.. if what was " heard" was true.. well then, that's a big deal. So just stumbling the line along ...what I feel and logic's reaction to something heard. *sigh* When did it all get so complicated?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A day at a time..

There are times when I seriously sit down and take a look at this crazy species we call humans. We ( I am saying we because I am no exception) take daily tasks, situations and simple things and we turn around and weave them into tangled situations that they need not be. We are forever shadowed by our insecurities, fears and skeletons in our closets that we lose sight of who we are and only see who we once were. And of course that only leaves us only more confused and frustrated than we were in the first place. So then we just live our lives running ourselves in a circle. But of course that is much safer then making ourselves vulnerable isn't it? How can we ever be disappointed if we never give disappointment a chance? And in turn how can we grow if we forever embed ourselves in a surrounding of constant comfortability? And I just asked three questions in a row, with no real answer. But that's just the thing; there is NO real answer, there is no real formula that we can just pull out when we have a situation on our hands and POOF! everything is crystal clear and things were just as they were before. Perhaps that is an overlooked source of our problems. We try to solve things by making them as they once were. But that proves to be a feat impossible, time does not sit still. For we are not a species stagnant, we grow and learn from every situation, therefore we change. And change doesn't have to be our constant enemy, always following us and trying to catch up with us. Change has the potential to be a great stepping stone to our future. What I'm trying to say isn't very clear even to myself, but I just wish that sometimes we could overlook ourselves, and just really communicate with one another, no beating around the bush, no dancing around the situation, but, for the seldom times in our lives that we really do this, be honest, completely honest, and risk having the other person be a little mad, or a little upset, because in the grand scheme of things, that person will forgive you and get over it, but building a kingdom upon sand is a guarantee that one day it will come crashing down.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kay. Sooo this is something that I've been seeing a lot lately.. With friends, friends of friends, etc. Their man cheats, the girlfriend finds out, and instead of getting mad at their man, they blame it all on the girls.The girlfriend calls the other girl a slut, hoe, trash, etc. REEEEEWWWINNDDDD. So I'm dating MY man, with whom I have a mutual agreement on to be exclusive, and some girl who may or may not know that he is taken comes in and he goes for it...And I blame her? Look ladies, or men, (it goes both ways), it is the two of you who have an agreement. NOT the whole damn world, and if your boo can't handle that, lose him/her. Last time I heard, men still have the freedom of choice, and unless the lady friend jumped on him, pinned his hands behind him and took his pants off, then he gets ALL the blame. WHY? Cuz the lady friend owes you nothing, and yes, in a perfect world we would all watch out for others, feed those in need and lend out a helping hand.But guess what? That hardly ever happens because we are all so self centered, so don't expect it, and when it comes, take it as a blessing. We all tend to look out for Numero.1. So I say leave the lame ass excuses at the door, and stop making excuses for him. If his hand is caught in the cookie jar, let him have a whole damn box and bounce. Not worth your time, and if he does that, he's just not that into you. And NO, the " skanky" girl had nothing to do with it. She is A, and then B,C,D, comes along; interchangeable. It's your man with the problem. Respect yourself, lose the dud.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Era of Technology

I love how we love to hate what's happening around us. We hate's so passe..that's why we still haven't deleted our account. We hate Facebook, that's why we log on everyday and scope other people's pictures. And WHAT did he say on his ex's wall? OH NO..he didn't. And now your momma has a Facebook, and if you think she doesn't, her name is "BILL" , that mysterious friend request with no picture. Which brings me to Twitter. Love to hate it? Oh yeah. But you still update your shit on there all the time. And you check out what others post. So why keep bitching about it? This isn't your Grandmas era, that's for damn sure.. she had to listen to her President give speeches on the radio while I can check my President's status on Facebook. It is what it is. There is NO going back on technology, unless you buy a ticket to the jungle and chill with the boas till you die. Or it eats you. And just so y'all know. My twitter is @anabella31